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When we measure the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination we have to compare the death rate of vaccinated and nonvaccinated populations.

Here is the first article:

Undervaccination and severe COVID-19 outcomes: meta-analysis of national cohort studies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

We can read the conclusions in this article: “Our analysis provides numerical estimates of the association between undervaccination and severe COVID-19 outcomes. Our analysis indicates that higher vaccination coverage would have been associated with considerable reduction in severe COVID-19 outcomes, particularly among at-risk subpopulations in the UK.” 

This article is about scientific fraud. When we measure the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination we have to compare the death rate of vaccinated and nonvaccinated populations. According to our calculations, the death rate of the vaccinated part of the population was about 15% higher than that of the unvaccinated population (1)

If covid vaccines would save lives with the intensity of vaccination the death rate would diminish. We compared official data for 37 countries and the result is that the more intense the vaccination, the higher was death rate, see below graphs for Slovenia.

On the left we have the graph of covid vaccination, on the right we have graph of excess mortality. The same results are obtained when comparing graphs for 37 countries, see references (1,2). This is undisputable basic data proof that COVID-19 vaccination increased mortality.

The second Lancet fraudulent article is here: 

Global impact of the first year of COVID-19 vaccination: a mathematical modelling study

The article claims that in 2021 with covid vaccination 14 million lives were saved. The article has not used a proper mathematical model (see proper model in reference 1). In 2019 57 million people died on the globe. In 2020 63 million people died, which means 6 million more than in 2019 because of covid-19 virus. In 2021 massive vaccination started and in 2021 69 people died which is 6 million more than in 2020 (see Figure 1 below). Where are hidden 14 million saved lives with covid vaccination nobody can explain (2).

Figure 1: Number of deaths in recent years (Reference 2)


The adequate mathematical model to evaluate covid vaccines effectiveness is following:


We use available data of a given country and calculate the vaccinated dead value for each month. This value is the proportional value in the case vaccines would not have an impact on people's health and mortality. We compare this proportional number with the statistical number of vaccinated dead in a given month. When the proportional number is bigger than the statistical number vaccines are saving lives, when the statistical number is bigger vaccines are taking lives. To avoid the Simpson effect population has to be divided into 5 age groups: 0-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, +80 (1). Until today no researcher who deals with COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness is willing to follow this mathematical model because it is crystal clear nobody is willing to admit that COVID-19 vaccination is the biggest fiasco of medicine ever.

We have been asking Slovenian health authorities to follow this method and prove vaccines are saving lives. NIJZ (National Health Institute ) has not answered despite numerous letters where we require scientific evaluation of the COVID-19 vaccines' effectiveness. This is the real crisis of a health care system worldwide that nobody is ready to see. The idea of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination is a religious belief supported by articles that have no proper methodology and are the biggest scientific fraud in the history of medicine.

An extended study confirmed excess mortality is caused by the covid vaccination [3]. COVID-19 vaccination causes neurodegenerative disease [4] and this will have an impact on excess mortality in coming years. The so-called “long COVID” disease is characteristic only for the vaccinated part of the population. The proof of this is the high excess mortality in Australia and the no excess mortality in Papua Nuova Guinea, see Figure (2) below:

Figure 2: Intensity of vaccination and excess mortality in Australia and Papua 

A comparison of excess mortality rates in Australia and Papua New Guinea gives us a clear insight into the worldwide excess mortality case. According to data from John Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center, until 10 March 2023, when they stopped collecting the data, at least one dose of vaccine was received by 4,2 % of the Papua New Guinea population, whereas in Australia at least one dose was received by 87.3% of the population. In Australia, the excess mortality rate was 12% for the year 2022 (2). In Australia people are dying in 2022 because of long-covid, in Papua there is no long-covid because their vaccination rate was small. 

We can expect in the coming month's articles in peer-reviewed journals that will relate long-covid disease to the unvaccinated part of the population. They will develop a model that will prove that long-covid disease is spreading only among unvaccinated people. This is tragic, this is the end of medicine as a science.

Amrit Šorli,
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Profil Web of Science:

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